Future for Plastic Industries


 The establishment of this industrial establishment for the purpose of plastic shopping bags from the diverse subjects of Plastic Processing: High-density and low-density ((H.D.P.E /L.D.P.E
We look forward to be as we were the best of the Pioneers in the service to our customers and provide them with our products outstanding quality and precision, as well as Blaaadad at the right time and this is always our goal
In the process of keeping up the industrial development we have established a new factory and developed for the manufacture of paper cups and the best kinds of paper and prints the distinct impress viewers and after unremitting efforts to train workers through in-house training on the best ways for the industry and the integrity we've got a prestigious center in our local markets center and regional markets and promise our customers that we always keep the covenant that we evolve to serve our country and our people's dignity.


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